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Boot Fitting

"Carving smooth turns down the fall line may be, for some, the most difficult part of skiing, but finding a good boot fitter is important if you want to reach your goals" said Shop Owner Joe Podolak. "Boots are the key to a great equipment setup and probably the most important purchase. We work hard to make sure our boot fitters have the best training, equipment and are skilled in selecting the ideal boot for customer's needs.  We customize the fit for the best performance. Having the right boots, that fit properly, will improve your skiing and enjoyment."

Our boot fitters are here every day, during the ski season, until 5:00 p.m. to help you meet your needs for Alpine and Backcountry ski boot solutions. 

We do require appointments for new boot fitting, boot modifications and footbed fabrication. To schedule an appointment go to:


Our staff has the tools and training necessary to perform a variety of boot fitting functions including:

  • In Depth Assesment 

  • Boot Fit and Selection for Your Foot Shape and Skiing Ability

  • Footbeds: Step-in, Semi-Custom and Custom Solutions

  • Liner and Shell Heat Molding

  • Stance Analysis and Alignment including Canting and Lifts

  • Boot Shell and Liner Modifications - Stretching, Grinding, Padding

  • Boot Repair - Toe & Heel, Buckle and Rivet Replacement