Hotronic XLP 1P BT Power Set 2025
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Hotronic XLP 1P BT Power Set 2025


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The Hotronic XLP 1P BT Power Set combines a pair of XLP 1P BT battery packs with the global recharger XLP P. Between a new, compact design that uses Lithium-Ion battery cells to deliver high-performance warmth when needed most and a safe, smart Recharger, this set is ready to be paired with a pair of Hotronic Heat Socks and the Hotronic Heat App for Constant Heating Power when needed most - in the cold!


• A new Bluetooth app controls the Battery Pack from any iOS or Android
• The safe, intelligent Global Recharger makes it easy to stay warm wherever
one travels.
• Reduced size and weight with increased capacity and longevity
• 2200 mAh capacity off ers up to 10 hours of constant heating power
• Safe, stable, and reliable; just what one would expect from Hotronic