Hotronic Tech Dry 2024
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Hotronic Tech Dry 2024


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Electric dryer for shoes, boots, gloves, and helmets.

Using warm air, Tech Dry dries wet shoes, boots, ski boots, and gloves, as well as motorbike, bicycle, and horse-riding helmets, in a short time and without damaging the material. Even leather boots and shoes can be dried thoroughly and with care. As soon as an item of clothing is pulled over the drying attachment, the program starts automatically and warm air is blown from the inside through the clothing. In the winter months, the Tech Dry is indispensable for all those who like to be outdoors whatever the weather, and it can also be used for preheating. Dry clothing is also important for your health!

Time and temperature setting
Temperature scale up to 70 °C
Automatic sensor for start and stop function (can also be set manually)
Digital display
Overtemperature switch-o for greater safety
Quiet operation
Removable attachment for shoes, boots, or helmets