Marker Kingpin 13 75 - 100 mm 2024
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Marker Kingpin 13 75 - 100 mm 2024 - Alpine Options


Marker Kingpin 13 75 - 100 mm 2024


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The Kingpin sets the benchmark in downhill-oriented performance pin bindings. Its alpine heel delivers outstanding power transmission and ski control and minimizes the likelihood of a false release.

The legendary Kingpin combines the lightweight ISI pin toe piece with an alpine heel piece including 0°/7°/13° climbing aid. This makes it very easy to walk on any terrain and ensures great descents with outstanding performance and top-level release functionality. The binding is therefore perfect for ambitious backcountry and freeride touring enthusiasts. A very stiff, carbon-reinforced front with an ISI toe piece makes the binding easier to step into, as a wide footprint with integrated stop automatically positions and aligns your boot. Kinematically optimised pin levers then allow the pins to snap shut with just a gentle push. The wide hole pattern and XXL power transmitters deliver the ultimate in direct power transmission for the utmost control and fun on the descent.

Binding Weight: 715g
DIN Range: 6.0 - 13.0
Stand Height without Ski: 21.5
Toe System: ISI Toe
Boot Sole Range: 255mm - 390mm
Walking Modes: 0°;7°;13°
Heel Technology: Kingpin heel